Get Off the Gringo Trail, Experience the Real Arequipa: A. I. Travel’s Reality Tour

July 1, 2013 at 8:11 am

Note: The Intrepid Monkeys were hosted on the Reality Tour by Miguel Fernandez from A.I. Travel Tours.

Intrepid Monkeys on a top tour, the Reality Tour with Arequipa tour operator A.I. Travel Tours  //

Most tourists who visit Arequipa usually check out the Monastery of Santa Catalina, the spectacular volcanoes surrounding the city including Misti and Chachani, then make their way to the Colca Canyon (the second deepest canyon in the world) to see the infamous circling condors. Intrigued by the opportunity to see the other side of Arequipa, I wasn’t going to say no to the Reality Tour offered by A.I. Travel Tours.