About the Intrepid Monkeys


Hi there! We are the Intrepid Monkeys – Alec, Kylah & Ollie.

Thanks for checking out our website and reading about our travels with a baby in South America.

Inspired by an article we found online by Backpacker Baby we started talking more seriously about travelling with a baby.

Both approaching the big 3-0, we didn’t want to wait too long before starting a family. We discussed two options; work and save enough money to travel for 12 months from the bottom of South America to Canada, or have a baby and possibly still travel to South America.

We decided on option 2. A couple of our close friends had just had babies and naively looking on, we thought we were ready. Ready? I don’t think you can ever be ready for children! They completely turn your world upside down. Previously an 8-hr a night sleeper? Think again. Hands down the most challenging thing we have ever done, but also definitely the most rewarding.

What is IntrepidMonkeys.com all About?

We hope you enjoy our tales of travelling with a baby in South America. Our intent is to provide valuable tips and info, as well as painting an accurate picture of life on the road with a baby i.e. it’s not all peachy but there are some bloody amazing memories we’ve created.

What’s it Like Travelling with a Baby in South America?

People often ask what it is like travelling with a baby in South America.

“It must be hard?”

“Well, yeah it’s hard. But so is raising a baby at home! This way there are two of us to share the load, as well as share the amazing milestones a baby goes through in it’s first 18months together, as a family.”

There are sacrifices of course. For example, we planned to go to Patagonia. We planned our trip to South America so that we would arrive in summer and the weather would be warm enough to venture that far south. Turns out we were a little ambitious and among other things we learned the weather was too cold for us by the time we needed to make the decision to go south or not.

A Few of Our Golden Rules for Baby Travel:

It took us well over a month to settle into an ‘on the road’ routine. By that time we’d worked out a few golden rules:

  • Make sure there is aircon when staying in warmer locations i.e. Santiago in summer
  • Make sure there is central heating, not a log fire when staying in colder locations
  • Don’t attempt driving longer than 2-3hrs in one go. And don’t plan to be on the road more than 6hrs total including 1-2 hr stops in one day. Or if you do, make sure you have a rest day planned the next day.
  • Staying anywhere less than one week is a pain in the arse to pack up and move on.
  • Take reliable travel gear such as the MacPack Possum Babycarrier, KinderKot, Maxicosi Capsule and Quinny Zapp stroller – reviews still to come on most of these.
  • Have a plan B for entertaining little monkeys on rainy days.
  • Get out and about, even if you feel like you are travelling like zombies.

We Love Connecting With New People

Although we are back home in Karratha, Western Australia, where there are more flies and red dirt than you can imagine, we love to hear from young travelling families! We travelled around South America for 6 months with our baby boy until he was 15 months old. Alec was on unpaid leave from his engineering role. I resigned before we left and used the time away to channel my efforts more seriously into my part-time business, Zest e-Biz.

Say hello on our facebook page or send an email to theintrepidmonkeys@gmail.com. Tell us your travel story, or plans, and what you’d like to know more about.